Tuition Centre

We have 11 plus tuition centres in Edgbaston and Handsworth Woods, Birmingham. Parents use our personal tutors to help prepare their children for the 11+ Entrance Exam.

11 Plus Tuition Centre Birmingham

Our 11+ Tutors have excellent knowledge in the subject that they specialise in – in the same way that teachers in secondary schools specialise in only one subject. Our private tutors will give a unique education to every child and will assess them to see what they need to work on.

Pupils who are struggling academically would benefit from being tutored privately, particularly if the problem is that they are not receiving good teaching in a particular area. The 1-5 model of private tutoring ensures that pupils who are struggling receive a personalised education that is tailored to their needs.

Edgbaston Tuition Centre
Edgbaston Community Centre,
40 Woodview Drive, B15 2HB


Handsworth Tuition Centre
St. Andrew’s Community Centre,
College Road / Church Lane intersect
Handsworth, Birmingham, B20 2HX